GÖRDÖGÖK SE "Rolling Devils Cyclist Club

H-5000 Szolnok Holló u. 15.


MTB CC,DS,DH,Trial, all forms of bycycle touring.
Touring and protection of the enviroment.
Spending your free time on a good way, education for a healthy lifestyle.
Know your bike and the traffic rules!
Free time sport activites.


GÖRDÖGÖK SC program (draft)

The year of family tours !

Programmes in this year.


29 January   Annual meeting
06 March   *Szolnok-Zagyvarékas-Szolnok Remembrance to the battle at Szolnok in 1849.
26 March *Easter Family tour, training tour
19 June **"Windmill tour" Kunhegyes. 30, 60 and 80km
25 June TISZAVIRÁG bicycle and river tour Kõtelek
31 July - 06 Aug GÖRDÜLÖ Family Camp Sopron - Fertő-lake
20 Aug

Remembrance to Stephan the King. Szent István Tour around Szolnok:(33-66-100 km) tour, on fooot and by bike. Reward: memorial leaf and badge.

Sept "IN TOWN, WITHOUT MY CAR !" European Mobility Management Day
25 Sept ***TANDEM Cup - Orienteering Cup
23 Oct *Season closing tour around Szolnok.
4 December *Santa Claus tour (walking)

*Not more than 50km. Easy tour for every cathegories of cyclists

**Not more than 100 km, maybe hilly

*** Hilly or hard, long or maybe dangerous

Bold: Rolling devils organise

Italic: Rolling Devils only attend the events of other organiser



Get your pin, plan your route!
Registry cards can be obtained from the GÖRDÖGÖK SC!
Cycling for Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county: 300 km 12 check points
"Tiszántú1 800": 800 km 12 check points
Szent István Tour around Szolnok: 100 km on a fixed route
Discover your neighbour village! Competition for "fresh" bikers
The following services are available for your private tours:
Free consultastion and guide service for schools
Tour guide courses, examination, organisation of orienteering events
Guide for purchasing bikes and accessories
Bicycle service and repair!


E-mail: somodi.mari@axelero.hu







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