Szent-István Day Performance Tours

2004. Augusztus 21-22. Szolnok


A few words about the tour:

The Szent-István Day Performance Tour was first organised on 20th August 1998. The aim with this new opprtunity was to make touring more popular and to get the city and its surroundings known by the local people and with the tourists as well. The tour has been organised annually since 1998 and will be held in on 20th August 2005.

Distances: 33-66-100 km.

One can go (preferably) by bike, walk or ride on a horse to see the end. The route leads through various terrain (dam, dirt road, etc.) therefore passing some parts might be difficult after a heavy rainfall.



Time limit:

33 km

by bike 2 óra 40 perc, walking: 8 óra

66 km

by bike 5 óra 20 perc, walking: 16 óra

100 km

by bike 8 óra, walking: 24 óra

Prize: certificate of merit and a pin to commemorate the event


Assembly point:

Szolnok, Tiszaliget Tourist Center


Time: 08.00hrs


Route: ( 100 km )

Szolnok, Tiszaliget Turisztikai Központ, Milléri Vízügyi Múzeum, Feketevárosi Holt-Tisza, Kovácsi, Palotás, Holt-Zagyva, Hegyes-halom, Sas-halom, Ipartelep, Szent István Tiszahíd, Szandaszõlös,
Beke-halom, Horgászpálya, Alamand dûlõ, Alcsisziget, Kertváros, Tiszaliget.




How to reach us:

GÖRDÖGÖK Kerékpáros és Egyéb Szabadidõ Sportegyesülete


address: 5000 Szolnok, Holló u. 15.

Telefon/fax: +36-56/428-721, mobil:+36-30/2293440, 20/4785739

Our sponsors: TANDEM-SZOLNOK KFT, Wesselényi Miklós Sport Közalapítvány