"Windmill" Cycle-tour in Hungary!
21-30 June 2002.

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On the dykes of the Tisza-river with windmills, birdwatching, botanic garden …
  • 21. June Arriving in Budapest-Rákoskert Cycle Center Hostel Bike Hire!
  • 22. June By train and by bicycle to Kunhegyes (50 km)
  • 23. June Attend the Hungarian cyclists' "Windmill warriors tour" for the rebuilding of the windmill in Kunhegyes. Tour to the windmill in Karcag. (70 km)
  • 24. June Relaxing day in Kunhegyes (Tisza-lake tour, local spa water…)
  • 25. June Kunhegyes- Kengyel (windmill) - Tiszakürt (botanic garden) (90km)
  • 26. June Tiszakürt-Mindszent-Makó (90 km)
  • 27. June Join the International and National Meetings of Cycle Tourists in Makó
  • 28. June Cycle tour as you like it
  • 29. June Ópusztaszer, Skanzen (Hungarian conquest in the 9th centaury)
  • 30. June By train to Budapest-Rákoskert
    Information: Mária Somodi
    e-mail: somodi.mari@axelero.hu
    WebPages: www.gordogok.hu/



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